How Pinterest Quadrupled my Blog Traffic in One Month

“Pinterest is not a social media platform.” 

I read this somewhere a few months ago, probably on Pinterest, and I thought yeah right. Ok. What is it then? After the 10th time I saw it, I finally got curious enough to read the post. What I read made perfect sense. I’ve been telling everyone I know this very thing ever since. 

Pinterest is not a social media platform

It’s not. It’s a search engine, like Google or Bing. When you think about it that way and use it that way, it will change your blog traffic like crazy.

When you think of social media you think about personal pictures and hashtags. You want to capture someone’s attention in about 5 seconds and you want to connect with people like you. So you spend time writing catchy post captions and include the relevant hashtags. 

When you're building a website you think about SEO or search engine optimization. You look at all the ways that Google will find your site and make sure you have everything in place, like keywords, indexing and alt text.  

This is where Pinterest comes in. It’s more important for you to use keywords in your post captions than it is to catch people’s attention. Think about it: how often do you read the captions on Pinterest photos anyway? I never do. But I’m all about that search bar at the top and those handy suggestions they offer me all the time. 

How to optimize your pins

When you are pinning a new photo, use keywords. The best place to find them is to type them into the search bar and see what comes up. 

I start most of my posts with INFJ or it’s included in there somewhere. So I start by searching INFJ and seeing what else comes up. 

Once I see what comes up I write a couple of sentences being sure to include those key search terms. Then I add a couple more search terms, just to make sure it’s good. 

Here’s one that I posted last week.

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Organize your boards

The next step is to make sure that your boards are in order as well. They should have keywords listed in their titles and descriptions. You should also eliminate any boards that you don’t post to very often. This helps in your search rankings. 

Here’s the real secret

The biggest thing that I have done to grow my Pinterest traffic is start using a program called Tailwind. Tailwind auto-schedules posts for you at optimum traffic times. 

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about it, but I really wasn’t convinced until I tried it. My blog traffic went from around 1k views a day to over 4k! I was shocked at how well it worked for me!

They have a couple of really cool features to help you out as well. They let you pin 1 post to multiple boards. And they also let you make your top posts recurring during the month. 

Something to watch for

One thing that will get you into trouble is Pinterest jail, or your content being marked as spam by their automated system. It’s only happened to me once last year and once last week. But it’s really easy to contact them and have them correct it. 

Overall I’ve been really happy with how much traffic I’ve gotten from Pinterest. It’s the single biggest referrer of traffic to my blog, even with well over 40k Instagram followers. If you are not utilizing it, I suggest that you get started right away!

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About the Author

Sarah Kuhn is the founder of INFJ Woman and The Quiet Ones podcast. When she’s not serving her clients, writing or recording podcasts, she geeks out on reading books, listening to podcasts about business and New Kids on the Block. She calls Boston, MA home.